Observation 9/28/2015 Historical Speed Dating

Today in Mrs. Wilson’s American History II class we began with a bell-ringer assignment which asked the students to answer five questions from the previous days notes.

This quick, 5 minute exercise was followed up by a notes worksheet on the projector and about 15 minutes of student note taking on the 1920’s.

After finishing up the worksheet the class gathered their belongings and walked to the library to use the computers there.

The computer lab in the library is great, forty or more workstations setup for the kids to work on. Most of the students actually worked on the assignment, which was to create a business card to hand to their partner during a speed dating game. Mrs. Wilson assigned each student a historical figure to role play as such as: Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and F. Scott Fitzgerald among others.

The few students who were goofing around received a talking to from Mrs. Wilson to try and pull them back on track. With 24 students in class that day the students received great one-on-one care and most quietly went about their work. I did receive several questions from students and answered them as best I could, even receiving a couple of thank yous!

I am excited to see what the students actually do during this historical speed dating exercise on Wednesday.

That’s all for now,

Mr. Watts

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