Observation 9/30/2015 Historical Speed Dating 2

Today the students actually took part in the speed dating exercise they had been preparing for. The bell-ringer assignment was skipped today in order to get as much time as possible in doing the exercise.

Mrs. Wilson had the class move desks to the middle, facing each other. A pair would be facing each other and on a ‘date’. Mrs. Wilson provided a worksheet that had every name on it. The students were given general instruction previously to come up with five or six questions to ask their partner. A generous example of questions was provided and the students had to be sure they could answer the questions as the historical character they were supposed to portray.

In theory this exercise sounds awesome however, in practice most of the students did not rise to the occasion. I was asked by Mrs. Wilson to help in grading the students on how well they did in the exercise and the overwhelming answer I heard to any partner’s question was: “I don’t know”. These were mostly basic facts that the students had actually printed on the business cards they made in the computer lab Monday. The lack of imagination or creativity in creating a response as William Randolph Hearst to the question: “Who was your favorite President?” was dispiriting.

Some students did get into the exercise and acted correctly but they couldn’t overcome the negativity or frustration some students brought to the dating game.

Overall I think this was a creative exercise that just didn’t receive the support from the students it needed to fully succeed.

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