Observation 10/16/2015 Review for Test

Today in American History II we played some review games for the upcoming test on World War I.

I was in the hot seat, spinning the virtual jeopardy wheel and keeping track of the students points.

Students were placed in pairs and each pair was able to choose how many points they wanted to try for: either 25, 50, 75, or 100, per round.

After choosing a point value I would spin the jeopardy wheel and get the category that the question would come from examples include: politics, weaponry, important persons, and important places.

The first group, being a little timid, went with a 75 point question but once the students realized that Mrs. Wilson was just picking questions off the actual test and there was no real difficulty difference between point categories every group went with the maximum of 100. Never underestimate the ways students can game the system!

Most groups did a great job, with a couple of very hard questions some groups did not get any points, but if the designated group answered wrong then any other group could steal. This happened very frequently and one group ran away with the points because of this.

Overall I think this was an effective review game but it didn’t provide anything tangible the kids could study later on because it was all verbal.

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