Observation 10/27/2015 Great Depression Budget Simulation

Today in American History II the students worked on a budget simulation set during the Great Depression.

I was able to observe Mrs. Wilson using this lesson last semester in her honors class and it almost directly paralleled the non-honors class.

To begin the bell ringer assignment was a youtube video of Bing Crosby singing a depression song.

Students got into pairs that they chose themselves and almost immediately set about creating a budget for their imaginary family to make it through the Great Depression.

Mrs. Wilson gave each pair a slip of paper with their background, for example: You are a doctor in Ohio. You are married and have 4 kids. Each kid will need 10 pounds of food each month, your wife and yourself will need 20 pounds of food each month. You require a car to get to work.

Since the father in this situation was a doctor he required a suit and tie in addition to the car.

It was really fun to watch the students try to min/max their budgets, many attempted to sell their kids but Mrs. Wilson told them they could not do that.

At the end of the class every group, except one, was way over budget and it demonstrated how difficult it was to keep a family fed, clothed, and housed during the Great Depression.

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