Observation 10/30/2015 Alphabet Agency Posters

Today in American History II the students continued their study of the Great Depression with a specific look at the agencies created by Roosevelt, the Alphabet Agencies.

Students were placed into pairs and give a specific agency to research, examples included: FDIC, FCC, TVA and many others. Only three of the agencies assigned were still in existence (FCC, FDIC, SSA) which the students found fascinating.

The poster they were to make had to include five reasons why the agency was created, what it accomplished, whether it was still around, a song or poem, and some visual representation of the agency.

The students were having some trouble with creativity so Mrs. Wilson helped a couple groups create their song while I tried to brainstorm things they could draw to represent their agencies. For the FDIC I told the group to draw a big safe with chains around it, showing how it protected people’s money in banks. For the FCC I suggested they draw the statue of liberty with radio waves coming out of her head. The end result of this latter drawing was hilarious because it looked like a weird lady in a robe with stink lines coming off her, I laughed.

After about 20-30 minutes the students presented their posters to the class and the students wrote down what agency it was and what it did on a worksheet.

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