Observation 11/23/2015 Pinterest Assignment

Today in American History II students learned about communism.

To begin the class there was a quiz instead of a bell ringer. This was to makeup for overage from the previous week.

After the students were done with the quiz Mrs. Wilson asked me to grade them. My first time grading!

Most quizzes were bad, only two students made 90 which was the highest. The lowest grade was a 15, mostly because the student did not flip the paper over and complete the backside.

I asked Mrs. Wilson if these were typical numbers and she said unfortunately yes. To be fair to the kids I could not answer a couple of the questions and World War II is one of my favorite subjects.

After the quiz the students embarked on a Pinterest assignment. This thoroughly confused the students because most had no idea what pinterest was (it’s a website for collecting information like recipes, shopping lists, or informative articles).

Each student was told to create a poster, paper was provided of course, that detailed what consumer things they had in the 50s. A house in the suburbs, a fancy car, 2.5 kids, things like that.

The students made an effort to do it but were not completed by the time I left class.

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