Observation 12/3/2015 Civil Rights and JFK

Today in American History II the trip to the computer lab was aborted due to senior exit project judging. Instead of going to the lab to work on a project the class did standard (boring) notes and a quiz.

The quiz was on Civil Rights and was 20 questions. It was in the form of a fill in the blank with a word bank. Each term was used only once which made the quiz much easier through a process of elimination. I am happy to say that myself and Cori, my peer from Queens, were both able to get a 100% on the quiz. After the students were done we split up the quizzes and graded them between the two of us.

I was pleasantly surprised at the grades, there were a number of 100’s and very few failing grades. Compared to the previous quiz I graded this was a huge improvement, but that may have had something to do with the word bank being provided.

After the quiz the class took notes off the projector about JFK including the Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, and his assassination. I was able to tell the class one of the conspiracy theories surrounding JFK’s assassination which was great because even though I might not believe in all conspiracy theories I love the idea of them, it makes people question history and work to find the truth.

After notes the class watched some videos from discoveryeducation.com on JFK and Jackie.

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